Monday, December 8, 2008

*****SNOW DAY*****

Today has been a snow day....for's too cold out and it's snowing and I'm too lazy to go out,'s a stay at home, play at home, knit at home, clean the home, snow day for me. I cleaned up the Christmas wrapping stuff aaaand even sorted out the paper and ribbon, etc. for next year! I will soooo love my self (and not in a bad way!) next year when I get out the cards and paper for the Christmas wrapfest! I wanted to start the new sweater with the marble yarn, but, being a good girl, I did all my chores first....laundry, tidy up the does it get sooo untidy when there's no one here but me? Oh, one more hat to knit before this weekend...and then the SWEATER! with MARBLE!!! :::happy dance here:::

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