Monday, October 12, 2009

Changing Seasons

I haven't posted for awhile, due to concerns about family and friends.  Things are settling down now, and I wanted to talk about something else.
Hey, it's Autumn here in the Great White North!   Nature is getting ready for Winter, but before going to sleep,  she dons her best ball gown in majestic reds and golds.  I never tire of the changing seasons for they make us stop and think about what's ahead and what's behind.  I enjoyed my summer, I'm enjoying the crisp Fall weather and now, I'm looking forward to Winter. 
I think our predecessors had the right idea about Winter.  All the hard work of planting, harvesting, putting up for the winter is over when the first snow flies.  They got out into the cold, had skating parties, hoedowns,  sleigh rides,  get togethers and enjoyed the fruits of their labours.
I'm finding it hard to get motivated though, to do the last of the "putting down the garden".  The grass is still a lovely shade of green, there are still some late blooming flowers and the deck looks inviting still, with the lawn furniture there waiting for me to sit down.  I suppose I will have to put all the furniture away soon.  I'm just a little lazy today; although I did make bread and two pots of turkey soup today.  I think tomorrow will be a good day to really put the Summer behind me and  embrace Autumn.  We shall see......;o)