Monday, December 22, 2008

It's almost heeeere!!!

So it's almost here (Christmas) and everything is in order....I think..hmmm, have I forgotten anything? Gifts are wrapped, some given out, some to give and the house looks clean and tidy. Oh, yes, make some bread to give to my excellent new neighbours. They moved in last April, had a little baby boy, Carter, a brother for 12 year old Cole and have been great. Sonia and Jeff, the parents have been busy spruceing up the house and garden and their efforts have been apparent. My other next door neighours, Collette and Gerry, have received their home baked loaf of bread and I hope they enjoyed it. They have been my neighbours since I moved in here in 1992 and they are the best! Collette looks so cute in the Poncho I knit for her 2 years ago and it comes in handy as she is a Crossing Guard. Well, back to the rest of the daily routine....laundry, cooking, cleaning....knitting. I really want to finish the pullover, in Marble Yarn, for myself. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

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