Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Helllooooo! Almost a year since my last post.  I have been using FB more and more, so this blog got put to the side.  No idea if anyone reads it, aside from some of my "nosey" family members. LOL!!!!
Time passes and we all get bigger asses!  Mine has been getting progressively bigger and since the extra weight has an impact on my aging knees, I am slooowwly getting it off.  Pain is a great motivator and so is feeling decrepit when the crepitus of the knee starts.  I downloaded some self-hypnosis weight loss apps onto my IPad and over the last month I have to admit (didn't really think they would work, just liked the music), that I am not craving or mindlessly eating so called junk food, eating more fruit and veg, also feeling satisfied with less on the plate at mealtimes.  My thought processes are more clear and the morning wake up is not as "feeling tired still", so getting started isn't the chore it was becomeing. The 'tapes' were not expensive and some were free to try, with the option of upgrading.  All in all, the money was well spent.  The $$ were a gift at Christmas to use on ITunes, so FREEE to MEEE!  Now to get back to the exercise I was putting off because of the Knee Pain.  Oh what a vicious cycle I got into.  The only cycle I should be in/on is the Elyptical one in the workout area.  Definately tomorrow....really....I mean it! So, now my 3pm coffee break is over and on to the next thing on my list.  Sewing for a friend.