Friday, August 19, 2011

Here I Am!

Hello out there.  I am alive and well, and living a good life.  Many changes and re-arranges, but the ol' gal is still kickin' it!
I put up my house for sale, sold it in 24 hours and then got busy packing up my worldly goods.  Ya know, how it is, you "believe" that you haven't got that much stuff....well, let me tell you......I had  enough stuff, to give those on "Hoarders" a run for their money.
I moved in with friends in their new house on July 11th and it went very smoothly.  My dear friends and I are getting along so well, that I keep thinking I should pinch myself to see if it's a dream. Even though I got shed of many possessions, I'm discovering more that I don't need.  My friends got rid of a great deal of extra items before the move and even so, have more to give away.  My family is happy for me and have visited my new 'digs'.  The consensus is that I'm in a great place.
I've also found time to go to Georgian Bay and stay at my youngest daughter and husband's cottage.  Great week, good times!  Found time to walk on the beach and logged in 5K at least! 
Well, hope I haven't bored my readers too much.  I will try to be more interesting in future
blog posts! Bye for now, Mar.