Sunday, December 14, 2008

Family Christmas

Family Christmas...we had ours yesterday at baby girl and bg's husbest home. It lived up to all expectations. There was hugs, kisses,( the xband even got a surprise one..I'm such a Baaaad Girl...if only the n.w. was there...oh, well, half a laf is better than none!) laughter,tears, fights (little disagreements really), making up, drinking, eating (good eats by the way), exchanging gifts, drunken difference of opinion...all there! It was aaaallll there and I enjoyed every second of it! Yep, Christmas gatherings, never fail to meet my expectations of comedy and drama. I wish there were more than one Christmas just for the entertainment value. Only down side is the little ones are getting outnumbered by the big ones! The cute factor is still there, but the passing of time makes me realize how much I enjoy my brood of kids, inlaw kids and grandkids. Now, I can look forward to Christmas Day at my nephew's house...there will be much of the same C & D and I can hardly wait for the 25th. I suppose in my advancing years I've realized that I'm not responsible for the happiness of everyone, so it frees me up to just enjoy and store the memories in my heart. Stay tuned for the next bulletin!

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