Monday, July 12, 2010

Would you care for some cheese with that WHINE?

I'm okay with anything that will take my mind off my swollen ankle! 
How you ask (because I know you care), did said ankle get swollen? Well, as you asked I will tell all about it.
Yesterday morning I decided to trim the hedge at the front of my little house.  All was going well until I disturbed some of God's little creatures. Hornets!  One or perhaps two of the little devils bit me on the ankle.  Those tiny creatures take a piece of skin the size of a pinhead outta you and it hurt like a thousand hot needles.  After dancing around swatting at them and entertaining the neighbours, as in, "Oh. look!  Crazy old neighbour lady is doing the Monkey or is it the Watusi!?", I sprayed them will some soapy water to keep them away and finished cutting the hedge.
 Now, I've been bit before and it hurts a little, but goes away.  Not this time!!!!! I woke up to a swollen, red, itchy ankle that made it painful to walk.  I followed the RICE protocol, thinking that it would abate and as I have an appointment with my Dr. tomorrow I would wait it out. But by 10:30 am I decided to go to the Walk-in Clinic.  As luck would have it my Dr was on call so that was a positive. I am now takeing an antibiotic, antihistamine and if I choose to, some Ibuprofen.  Dr. D confirmed the RICE protocol. Oh if you don't know it's Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.  So boo hoo I can't do anything but sit gardening, no vacuuming, no ironing...oh wait...I only enjoy the gardening, so no big loss. 
As Monty Python says "Always look on the bright side of Life".  So I'll catch up on my knitting, phone calls (to whine of course) to my family and friends, watch my Judge Shows and post this entry to my Blog.  All are Bright Sides to me.  So long for now and if I can think of anything else to whine about, you'll be the first to know!;o)
PS Even if you have never experienced hives or any swelling from a bite before, watch it carefully and if it seems to be getting swollen or hot, go at once to your nearest Medical Facility.  That swelling coud lead to infection, Anaphylactic Shock and serious consequences.  Better to be thought of as making a big deal about nothing, than risk your life!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yes It's Moi!

Your eyes do not deceive you....this is Ann of Green Cables.
 I  obviously have tooooo much time on my hands, or was totally bored with Saturday night TV and started to fiddle with my blog page.  What you see is the result.  I like it.  It's a little more modern and I think easier to read, or decide you don't want to read what I have put out here. 
Speaking of remodeling; we can remake, remodel ourselves with ease nowadays it seems.  I am remodeling the ol' bod by loseing some excess baggage on my 5'2" frame. Can't turn back time and get younger. Don't really want to.  I read something the other day that has stayed in my head. "Don't cry because it's over.  Smile because it happened." (attributted to Dr. Suess) So, I choose to change the things I can and smile about the things I can't change.
So, my friends keep smileing, just keep smileing and the whole world smiles with you! <3

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Yesterday it felt like we were under this waterfall, it rained so hard.  Today it's beautiful, bright and fresh  outside.  Sooo, that means I have no excuse not to trim the hedge, weed the gardens, have a "cool one",  Not necessarily in that order! LOL  Or I'll just head over to the Metro (formerly A & P) and stock up on some good healthy food.  I have two receipes from Weight Watchers that I want to try.  Plus,  my Mother Hubbard Cupboard is Bare and the Metro is air conditioned for my shopping comfort.
Have fun while the sun shines folks!
UPDATE:  While I was at the Metro I checked my Lotto Max ticket from 2 weeks ago (I hang onto them past the draw time, just so I can dream a bit longer) aaaaand....the bells went off!  So, don't get too excited....I won only a free ticket without Encore.  I took the free ticket, and sucker that I am, paid a $1.00 for the Encore.  Ah, what would I do with a few million bucks?  Probably spend it foolishly!  Life's too short to always be sensible!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Too Much of a Good Thing?

HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!!  Up here in Southern Ontario we are sweltering in 90 degreee heat.  Well, folks isn't this what we wanted in the dead freeze of Winter?  Really, I'm not complaining.  The only thing I can't do is work in the garden for any length of time.  So, this morning I was outside just before 7 to start the lawn and garden watering and repotting of some plants.  Now I'm indoors with the summer furnace fan on, the air con set for 80 degreees, all the ceiling fans on and a rotary fan to help blow the air around.
I'm also waiting for the repair man to look at my washing machine.  It won't spin out.  Luckily I found that out when I was spinning out a hand washed and rinsed shawl I made.  So, not a lot of water to get rid of. It's about 34 years old and never given me a bit of trouble. Oh, here he is.
Update:  My Maytag  is suffering from worn bearings and motor fatigue...sounds like me!   I may have to spring for a new washer.  I'm tempted to get a wringer washer!  Ah, no I'm kidding.  I remember washing diapers for 6 years (4 babies in 5 years!) and it's no fun standing there hoping your hands don't get caught up in the wringers.  Yes it happened to me, but no damage occured.....just some blue air around me.  So if the repairs are more than $200, a shopping I will go! 
On a more positive note, my gardens are looking good.  I planted 3 kinds of tomatoes and a sweet red pepper along with a green pepper.  That's the extent of my veggie garden this year.  The flowering plants are all looking good.  My favourites are the French Lavender.  This could be the last summer here as I am thinking of selling the house so I can downsize.  As much as I like this house, it is getting to be more than I can handle and I could use the money spent on maintenance on something more fun.....maybe buy me a "boy toy"!  LOL 
So long for now and the thought for today: Strive to look for the good in every situation.  And if you can't find it..........have coffee with a friend!  There's always good in coffee!   ;o) <3
LATEST BREAKING NEWS:  Had a (if I do say so myself) brilliant idea and  called my oldest daugther to see if her beau was selling his washing machine when he sold his house. She called him and he said I could have it for taking care of my grandaughter when daughter and beau go on vacation in the Fall.  Yay for family!!!