Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Merrie Month of May: the Two-Four weekend that starts the Summer!

Hi again everyone!  Thanks for all your encouraging words, expressions of friendship and love.
 I've been outside in the back garden today and it's perfect weather for planting, weeding, and watering.  Just a sprinkling of rain to cool me down and enough sun to need a sunblock on my aging skin. 
Up here in Canada, aka The Great White North, on the weekend nearest the 24th of May. it's a tradition, in fact, a must, to first, gather at the nearest greenhouse or store that stocks plants, and spend  a tremendous amount of $$$$ buying them.  The second part of this is to dig, plant, curse one's overbuying of these 'damn things', down a few beers (hence the nickname for this holiday "Two-Four") and just get the buggers in the ground!  Admittedly, the end result can be enjoyed while putting a steak or hamburger on the Barbie, and by that time one is so tired and/or  tipsy that the song "Everything is Beautiful" plays in the windmills of our minds.  So, now my break is over, back to the garden and all that lovely stuff to muck about in.  I love being a Dirty Girl!!!! xoxo<3
P.S. Check out a new link on my sidebar...Rinkly Rimes.  She's sooo talented!
PS again:  I neglected to mentions that up here we are celebrating a long weekend that used to be in honour of  Queen Victoria's birthday.  It still is called Victoria Day by some and now we are honouring Queen Elizabeth on this weekend.even tho' it isn't really her Birth Day.  Lots of fireworks just like the US Memorial Day.

Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm Baaaaack!

Hello to all my friends in the blogasphere!
I have been on hiatus from posting due to much drama in my life.  Some situations needed my full attention and left me without the energy to post.  Or so it seemed.  Things are getting better, still some hard decisions to make;  any impossible situation(s) cannot be resolved, only dealt with using the information at hand and a fervent hope for an acceptable outcome.  I'm not going to detail all that has gone on, as I think it wouldn't make me feel any better and at worst would be boring.  Everyone out there has problems and I have a true belief that our Maker only gives us what we can bear and when we ask for help (givng up our sinful pride), we will receive it and all will be well.
I recently made some life enhanceing decisions and now I feel like I can go on forever.  It's only in looking back over the last year or two that I realize I have been taking the  easy road and not taking the best care of myself.  So dear friends you can look forward to:
(a) bad jokes
(b) good humour
(c) ramblings from a silly mind
(d) sermons from the Mount

Pick any or all of the above as your mood or heart directs.  Refer to the caption on the picture associated with this post and you will understand.  ;o)