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Hi out there!  Is it Christmas yet?  I celebrated an early Christmas in Guelph last Saturday with my kids and grandkids.  It was great!  The day started early and everything went as planned .... almost.  Sweet Lou had a pre-stuffed frozen turkey (about 15lbs.) and when she took it out of the freezer, she realized that the roasting pan she had was .....TOO SMALL!!!! eeeeek!  The problem got solved, but not without a bit of angst, and golly gee, what is a Christmas celebration without some Oh Noooo, AAAAAGH, this can't be happening ? Everyone arrived at the appointed time and we ate, drank, laughed, opened presents, had many laughs, hugs and kisses....Heaven on Earth to me! 
My dearest wish, as I have said before, is that everyone gets to have a Blessed, Safe, Happy Christmas, wherever you are.  As Tiny Tim said " God bless us, every one." 
Now I'm off to watch A Christmas Story. Hee heee...."You'll shoot your eye out".  It reminds me of my childhood and I always get a laugh out loud when the dog takes the turkey!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If I Were Santa

If I were Santa I would give all my family and friends good health, loving families and friends, warm hugs, hot cocoa with a hu-u-u-ge candy cane and time to enjoy all the gifts I would bring,  I wish that everyone in the world could have those gifts.  In the real world I'm not Santa, but that doesn't stop me from sending to the world at large a virtual hug and a wish that everyone could experience love throughout the coming year and beyond.  
Soooo, You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why, Santa Mar is coming to town!
Here's something fun
Just click on the line above, then type in a Christmas Song and the "kids" will try to sing a few lines of it. ;o)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Coming!

"Christmas is acoming and the goose is getting fat,
Please to put a penny in the old man's hat.
If ye 'aven't got a penny,
An 'apenny will do.
If ye 'aven't got an 'apenny,
Then God Bless You!"
An old singsong rhyme that my Maw (grandmother) used to say/sing to me at Christmas time..  Hope everyone is taking all the excitement in stride.  Remember the reason for the season.  God Bless and Pray for Peace on Earth..

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Invitation from Jackie/Teacher's Pet

<---me being upset about not getting to read your blog.

Hi Jackie.   I wanted to read your blog, but for some reason, (maybe I'm not typing in the right password or name) I can't get past the blog guardian. Could you invite me again through my google account email?

'Tis the Season To Be Jolly

Another week has flown by!  Life gets busier at this time of the year doesn't it. I'm getting some of the Christmas wrapping done, while enjoying the smell of the bread I'm baking and the sound of Christmas music.  I am thankful that I can take part in family celebrations.  The 'reason for the season', the birth of Christ, is uppermost in my mind and the hymns on the CDs are beautiful.
 I've been away from the house quite a bit this week and it shows.  Yesterday was to be another day of getting things back to neat and clean.  Did. Not. Happen!  Only the laundry got done and done and done!  Ya know when things are going downhill when you walk into a room and you suddenly get WET FEET!  The carpet (fortunately synthetic fibre) in the basement Family Room was soaking wet.  I can't figure out how or why and it probably was sitting there for at least 3 days.  The only thing that was water related was the dehumidifier sitting on the rug.  Did I put the water container in the wrong way and the moisture went onto the carpet?  Gaaaah!  I managed to roll up the area rug, up-end it into a dishpan and slide it into the laundry room, where I placed it rolled up on one end over the floor drain.  Fortunately I have a lot of large bath towels and they did their job of soaking up the water on the laminate floor. The rug is drying out nicely and the  floor shows only a little damage, a few little 'bumps'.  The dehumidifier is going at full blast (by the way, here's a hint to get the maximum moisture out of the air--put an oscillating desk fan at the back of the dh where the coils are.  It prevents them from icing up too much).  The upside is that my legs got a good workout from going up and down stairs to do the extra towel laundry.
I know that people experience much worse water/flooding problems, but it seems to be my "Water, water, water, everywhere" year.  Those who read my Noah's Ark post will understand.  Perhaps God is telling me that my thoughts of putting the house up for sale in the new year is the right one.  This is a big house for one person to manage and this year I have had to hire help to take care of the outside work as I haven't the stamina to tackle it.  Oh, that does sound like a 'poor me'.  Then again, I am 70 and shouldn't expect to be able to haul and dig like I did many years ago.
So, to all my friends (and you too my Little Lulu) take it slow, take a deep breath, take time to smile, take time  for  yourself (a huge bubble bath, perhaps), and take heart.  You will make it through.  XOXO <3 Mar
P.S.  After posting this, I  learned that a Village Friend, Diana, has had a death in her family.  Her dear Mom passed on Friday.  A great loss to her and her family.  Please say a prayer for her and her loved ones today.