Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Taking the High Road

I'll be taking to the High Road in a couple of days. Two friend and I are going south to Williamsburg, VA. This will be a dream come true for my friend Beth, who is a great fan of Williamsburg and used to go there every year since she was a little girl of 12 (50 odd years ago) . Sadly, her health has kept her away from her beloved Williamsburg for 10 years. Two of us have never been there, so she will have fun educating us for sure.
Beth's home is chock-a-block with Williamsburg statuary, memorabilia, maps, fabrics, authentic paint colours throughout. She even had her double garage door painted to resemble a Williamsburg coach and driver in black silhouette with a Williamsburg blue as a background. We'll be there for 14 days or so and I think it will be a little like deja vu for me, as I have, over the past 5 years, been learning about and seeing Williamsburg through Beth's eyes. So, I am looking forward to enjoying a great trip with an expert. I've checked out the local yarn shops and as Beth is a knitter (crocheter, quilter) also, we'll have even more fun!
So, my friends, "my bag is packed, I'm ready to go,....lalalalala"

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Eye Yi Eye!

Today I finally got my old eyes checked. I have been very lax in taking care of my own health, and I was SEVEN Months overdue. The doc has some new equipment to check the blood vessels and inside of your eyes. It was amazing! To have the chance to actually see what is going on in the hidden spaces in my body. I do have the beginings of Cataracts, but it is going slowly. Also Macular Degeneration is starting, but apparently, for my age (70th year), I am doing quite well. So, now I am duly informed I will not leave it so long to follow up.
People, you can spend your hard-earned dollars in many ways. The best way to spend them is on keeping up with your checkups and follow ups. What good is it to have $$$ and you can't see what is around you, walk, drive, laugh, because you wanted to 'save' those $$$ for alcohol (I'm not against some imbibing), smoking (UGH!) food that has no health-giving nutrients in it (I'm not against some 'treats' once in a while). Simply, put your overall health first and you will be "rich" beyond measure.
Amen, the end of my 'Sermon'.
I wish all the world the best day and many best days to come. ;o)

Monday, April 6, 2009

What the What?

Hey.....Spring!!!! Quit dancing around with the Snow already! I do not want to get out my snowshoes. They are put away with all the rest of the snowstuff....like shovels, icemelt, window scraper...AGHHHHH!! It is supposed to be getting warmer, not colder and with freezing rain and snow.

Okay, rant over. I'm okay now. Pleeeeese Spring, lovely lady, come back and kiss our faces with your warm melting breezes.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Busy Week

I seem to be behind in my postings. I have a great reason though. This past week I have had the wonderful privilege of taking care of my friend's children while she is on an out of town course. The children are my friends too. I have been involved with the family for 5 years, since the little one was 2 months old. Her brother is now 12 and we are all silly together. Little sister is getting in on the jokes as well. We all love 'fart jokes' and puns. These children are like my own grandkids, so I say I have 12 grandchildren.
It's been a happy week for sure.