Thursday, December 15, 2016


Hello, here I am again with another Cable pattern.  You may use this pattern to your heart's content, just don't sell the pattern as it is free to use.  If you want to give me credit for the pattern that would be very ethical of you.
As to the  colourway, my daughter, for whom this was knit, for Christmas 2016, chose this one.  It would look good in any colour you choose.  I would suggest a solid or slightly variegated yarn.
It is basically a small blanket  with an opening for the neck in the middle. Also, you could make it in Two Pieces and leave an opening for the neck, picking up stitches and knitting the neck as you choose.  I made up the pattern to include a simple cable to add interest and a 'Slimming Effect'.

 Determining Overall Size:Measure how wide you want the poncho to be.  My daughter wanted it to go just a little below her elbows, so  for her, the Poncho is 30" wide. I measured from her shoulder to where she  wanted  the edge to end. Measured her chest, divided in half  then added the arm measurements, the  1 /2  chest measurement and so  had the width of the poncho. She wanted the length of it to go  just below her bottom so for her 24" long.  Using the gauge below,  of 3 sts = 1", 90 stitches equals 30". So I cast on 90sts to get the 30' width I needed.  I strongly suggest knitting up a 6" x 6" square first, to determine your gauge.  Measure a 4" square inside the 6".  You will then know what your personal gauge is and perhaps go up or down a needle size. If you want it wider to cover more of your arms you have to add stitches and I would suggest making the Garter Stitch Edges wider, which would be the easiest. So, if you want it to be wider  you  add stitches to each edge. 
Measure how long you want the front to be from your neck bone.  The back is measured the same.  Measure how wide your shoulders are on top.  This last measurement will determine how many rows you knit for the neck/head opening.  I did 10 rows.

  What you need: Yarn: I used Charisma Big, which is a Loops and Thread yarn by Michaels. It is a Bulky #5 yarn.  I used 4 skeins and that left me with a small ball.  If you want to make accessories, to go with the poncho buy an extra, so buy 5.  If you don't use it you can return it. I suggest  getting an extra skein anyway.
 Needles:  Size 9mm/US13 24 or 36" cable for the main body.   Size 9mm/US13 16" cable  for the turtleneck. or crew neck.
Gauge:   12sts  X  18rows  =  4" X 4"
OptionalSix Large Decorative Buttons - 3 for each side
 Abbreviations:  K= Knit   P= Purl   Sts.= Stitches  RS =Right Side   WS= Wrong Side  Sl=  Slip
To Start, Loosely Cast on  90 sts.or  what your measurements determine the number to be.
Please Note The  first 9 and last 9 stitches of every row are Knit. This is the Garter Stitch Edge which you may want to be wider
Begin the Rib pattern Knitting in K2 P 2 for 10 Rows as follows:.
Row 1:   RS: Sl 1st;  K 8;  K2;  P2; to last 9 sts.  K9
Row  2: WS: Sl 1st;  K8;  K2;  P2;  to last 8 sts.  K9
Rows 3 to 10:  As previous Rows 1 and 2 and you will end on a Wrong Side.

Now you will start the Main Pattern, which is an 10 row pattern for the Cables
The first 8 rows are Rib stitch
 Row 1: RS- Sl 1st stitch,; K8; K4; P4; K3; P2; K3; P4; K32 this is the center panel) P4; K3; P2; K3; P4; K4; K9
Row 2: (WS) Sl 1st stitch, K8; P4; K4; P3; K2; P3; K4; P32; K4; P3; K2; P3; K4; P4; K9
Rows 3 to 8:  As Rows 1 and 2
Row 9: (RS) S1; K8; K4; P4; Now you place the next 4 sts on a stitch holder or cable pin.  Hold those 4 sts in front of your work.  K next 4 sts. Now k the 4 sts from the stitch holder/cable pin. Your first cable is done.  P4; K32; P4; Place the next 4sts on a stitch holder/pin.  Hold sts in front, K next 4sts. P4; K4; K9
Row 10: (WS) Sl 1st; K8; P4; K4; P8; K4; P32; K4; P8; K4; P4; K9
The next row will be the Right Side of your work. Repeat Rows 1 to 10 until you have the length you want for the front, ending on a Wrong Side row.
Making an opening for the Neck:  Determine the center stitch of your work. Counting that stitch as 1, count back for a total of 6 stitches.  Mark the next stitch as the end of the next row you will be knitting.  You are on the Right side of your work and maintaining the pattern, knit to that stitch marker.  Now using cable pin or a smaller cabled needle, place the next 12 stitches on that holder.  These will be picked up when you are knitting up the neck after the main body of the poncho is done.  Now you will attach another skein of yarn to the live stitch on your needle.  Knit the pattern as before to match the other half of your work.  You will continue to knit the pattern still using the same set of cabled needles, using two separate skeins of yarn for a total of 10 (or 12 rows if you want a larger neck opening), ending on a wrong side row.
 Finishing the Neck Opening:  Now on the next right side row you are going to keep to the pattern and knit to the last stitch.  Using  whatever Cast on Method you favour , cast on 12 stitches and with the same skein, continue to knit the stitches from the other side of your work (the rest of the stitches)  to the end of the row. You should now have the same number of stitches you were working with before.  My best advice is to Count the stitches to make sure you have the correct number of stitches on your needle.  
The Rest of the Poncho:  Continue knitting in pattern until the back is the same length as the front less the length of the ribbing on the front part, ending on a right side row.  Now you will do the Ribbing until it is the same length as the front ribbing.  Cast off Loosely in all knit stitch.
Neck of Poncho: You may decide to make a Crew Neck, Cowl Neck (which  is deeper in length and may need more stitches) instead of a Turtle, but the pick up and knit of the held stitches and added stitches are just the same.
Method: Use a shorter length cabled set of needles to pick up the 12 stitches from the cable pin. You may want to go up a needle size for more ease. Your total stitch count will be 42 stitches ( or 46 if you want more ease or drape if you want a Cowl Look) Now pick up and knit 10 (12) stitches on the side,  12 Sts. on the back, 10 (12) sts on the other side. Joining the row, and placing a marker to let you know the beginning/ending of your rows,  Knit 2 Purl 2 all around until you have the length/depth of neck you wish.  Cast off very Loosely - very important, or you will have a Pinched Look.
Embellishments:  You may want to use Large Buttons, Pompoms, Snaps or Bows of braided yarn. If you go for Pompoms, you may want to put a couple on the end of a braided/knit length of yarn and sew the braided yarn in a bow motif at the neck. Go's your creation.   I used 6 Large Leather-Look Buttons because that is what the recipient desired.
Accessories: There are Toques, Beanies, Mittens, Leg Warmers, Arm Warmer Fingerless Gloves, you can work up with or without cables in the same yarn for a co-ordinated ensemble.
So, that is the pattern I made up.  If you find any errors, or you have questions, please let me know, in the comments section of this blog. Happy Knitting my friends.