Thursday, March 26, 2009

'That' Kind of Day

I have misplaced my ambition today. I should be going out to do some errands and here I am.....still eating my breakfast and having the second cup of coffee. Hmmm, maybe I'm sitting on my ambition. Yup there it is!
Well, well, let's get going and do those errands. Pitter patter, lets get at 'er!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Fling

Hooray!!! It is officially Spring! A beautiful day for a drive in the country and visiting family. My youngest granddaughter had her 6th birthday party today. What fun!!!! The theme was High School Musical and it was great! Hard to believe she is going to be in Grade 1 in September. All the girls and boys at the party were as cute as buttons. We took lots of pictures and videos which will be a hoot to see. I loooooove kids!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beautiful Day--Not so Beautiful Head

Oh, outside the day is beautiful! Inside not so much. Either we are in for a drastic change in the weather or I have a 'hangover' from eating a bag of Wine Gums yesterday! I woke up at 3:33 am with a raging headache. Too pain full to get up and take meds, so tried relaxing and go back to sleep---horrible dreams. Well, now I'm feeling better....thankyou DD for the iComfort eye/temple massager. Two sinus decongestants helped as well. These episodes leave me feeling a little left of centre, and not up to doing much, except some knitting.
I am thankful that I haven't had a headache like this for a long time, so let's get on with the rest of the day. Happy Almost Officially Spring to the world!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break

So, now it's Spring Break...can Easter be far behind? I like chocolate, I like eggs, I like bunnies. I like to eat chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs. I think I'd better get to the store and stock up. No, wait, I'm supposed to be eating a healthier diet, no wait, I can have a treat can't I, no wait....nah....I'm off to the store. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, ....
HA! HA! It was all a baaad joke! I'm not really going to the store...RIGHT NOW!!! I might go tomorrow though!

And now back to our previous programme. (Can you tell that I am braindead today?)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sat Her Day

I have nooooo ambition today! I am going to enjoy being a slob and do only what is minimally required to be looked at as human. ....and knit ...and read the Sat. paper.....and eat & drink coffee....THAT IS ALLL!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Break

Today is the first day of Spring Break and the kids are outside enjoying it. The sun has been out all day so I'm enjoying it too. It actually has inspired me to do some "Spring Cleaning" because the sunshine is exposing all the dust bunnies. So, now, taking a break to post, watch the 'Judge Shows' and knit a bit. Also, looking forward to my sister showing up tonight....she's driving here from New Brunswick....hmmm, maybe that's why I'm cleaning the house....she wouldn't notice or really care,but, I want it to be nice for her to come into.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunshine......Peek-a-boo..Where are you?

So, now we have Daylight Saving Time. There is supposed to be more sunshine.....okaaaaay where is it? It's raining now, it's going to be raining all night, and possibly tomorrow.
Well, I WANT SOME SUN!!!! That is all for today....a little rant....and now back to our regular schedule of whining and complaining. LOL

P.S. : This lovely Tea Cosy is from Laughing Hens ( The pattern name is Roses Tea Cosy and you can order it from their site.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Yes, it's change the clocks ...Spring forward, think about the garden, now that the snow is finally melting, do some Spring Cleaning. I actually enjoy doing that...weird eh?, aaaaand survey the damage on my body due to inactivity this winter. More exercise to get ready for the gardening, painting, etc. is in order.

But.....first...mah coffee!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So March is here and with it the tantalizing smell of Spring! The snow is melting reluctantly, inch by inch, showing me how much work I will have to do in the gardens! I actually enjoy working in the gardens and this year I will have to do some pruning with vigor and ruthlessness. The Spirea bushes are getting out of control. Also the Lilac tree/bush needs some attention. I want to plant more vegetables and upgrade the hill garden. Oh, planing the gardens is soooo much fun!
Next will be the repainting of the front and back porches. I may have to get help to do that, but it's worth the $$$ 'cause I love to sit on the front porch especially and watch the kids in the neighbourhood learn to ride their bikes and skateboards. The little guy next door will be 1 year old soon, and he will be outside playing and that will be fun to watch. Oooh, I love kids and babies don't I?
Now, I must get busy and finish the indoor jobs so I can be doing the outdoor jobs when it's time.