Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hello.  Stating the obvious, I haven't posted here for a loooong time.  I come here occasionally and think, "I should post something here." Then I don't and now I'm wondering why that happens.  Could be that I have lots going on in my life; maybe I can't think of anything "interesting" to write about;  maybe....I'm a little lazy?
I really am happy with the way my life is going.  Family and friends are the best one could ask or hope for.  I guess did something right in the past to feel so blessed now.  When I consider my life as it has progressed, I feel privileged to have had so many blessings.
I have been more open in the past few years to the spiritual side of life.  I have lots of time now to read and  reflect on the spiritual. "There is more to life than you and I can know"....I think that's how the quote goes....what I mean is that there are things we can't account for in the "see it and then believe it" way of living.  So, I look for small miracles and unexplainable, happy syncronicities.
When one is young and striving to succeed at whatever the vision of 'success in life' is, the material side of life seems so important.  Of course, providing for the children you have is very important and the material things, like food, shelter, and clothing, depend on the 'material'.  Now that the kids are grown and seem to be okay with how we brought them up, I can look back and think how great it all was....still is!
Well, this turned into a longer rambling than I thought it would.  So, my dear readers, have a blessed day, a happy life and give yourself a pat on the back for reading this far!