Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rainy Sunday

I thought this little fellow would cheer us up on a dull and rainy Sunday.  There are no complaints from me about the weather when I think of how other people in parts of the world are suffering.  I think we get caught up in the every day dilemmas we have and forget how trivial they must seem to those who have lost everything.  The world at large has responded to the tragic losses experienced by the people of Haiti.  There were people there visiting  from other countries who also lost their lives.  Haiti is a troubled area and did not deserve what happened.  Unfortunately, there are people, who should know better, that have implied that Haitians got their due.  How wrongly judgemental of them. 
Judge not, lest ye be judged and found wanting by your Lord.  Prayers for all people who are suffering, that their suffering will be relieved.

Monday, January 11, 2010

OK Winter Can Get the 'H' Outta Here!

It's waaaaay too cold here.  I'm tired of taking 20 minutes to get ready to go outside.  I want to be on the beach like my grandaughter.  Call the waaahhbulance! 
Okay, got that outta the way, now on to what's going on right now.  Not much!  I'm happy to see my friends, Sher, Bradley and Shannon bsck from their holidays.  They were away visiting relatives in British Columbia. They got back on Saturday and today we got caught up with all the news.  We'll be getting back to our routines with the kids and other homey things.  I love homey things.  Fresh baked bread, fresh made coffee, clothes fresh from the clothesline (a rarity these days), clean floors, home cooked comfort many things we took for granted, that our Moms and Dads used to provide for us.  Now some of us do that for our children.  I had one ambition when I was a child; to be a Mommy like mine, with lots of children, so I could bake cookies, cakes and pies, cook the food they liked, dress them in nice clean clothing and kiss them goodnight after a good day.  I got to do that, and in a way I'm still doing that, so all in all I reached my goal and I'm a happy girl.
Proverbs 31:28  Her children rise up and call her blessed.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Doing It!

Doing the exercise, making and freezing dinner sized meals, so no excuse for not having healthy meals ready to defrost and eat.  I've also been going through the 'Scareyware' cupboard and surprise, surprise, I don't need everything I have.  Sis will get all the extra containers. The scarewarecupboard is tidy and I can actually find what I need to use without the trauma of looking for the right lid, the right container.  I also found some small appliances that I don't need so Sis gets those too.  The craft room is coming together.  Gah! what a lot of of yarn stash and almost finished projects.  I've finished three of the UFOs (unfinished objects) and will continue until all are done before I start anything new.
My house and my body are getting cleaned.  The exercise of cleaning and sorting will use up calories and I will feel better.  Win, win!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Keep Warm

I'm staying inside.  It's too cold to even stick my nose outside the front door today.  So, like the kitties here I'm wrapped up and kniting, makeing Chili, and sorting my neverending Ebil Stash of yarn.  Warm hugs to all my friends. <3

Friday, January 1, 2010

Get Out Those Resolutions!


So, a Happy and Healthy New Year to all my friends.  Has anyone (dare I ask?) made a New Year Rezzie to ....aaaaggh! LOSE WEIGHT!!!!!!  I'm willing to admit I say this EVERY Jan 1st.  I usually do it with some kind of daily plan.  I even write down, for each day, how much exercise I will do.  Starting off with something like "am. 30 mins. --15 min. on the Rebounder; 15 min. on the Xcountry ski machine.  pm 30 mins--15 min. on the Rebounder; 15 mins on the stationary bike. on alternate days use weight machine."  Then on the following days I increase the times by 5 mins. until I'm at 1 hour  in the am and 1 hr. in the pm.  Of course, there's the low fat, high fibre diet worked in there.  I'm in the groove for about a week....and then........I skip a day or a time of day until thre is a week or two of no check marks or notations.  Then, sigh, I give up. 
I have school-type exercise (<--irony here) books that have all the above goals written down and when I slip up they get pages torn out so I don't have to look at the proof of my buttlaziness.
So, I'm challenging myself again this year and all of you out there now know my dirty secret so I will have to be honest as I know y'all will ask me "How's it going?  Are you reaching your goals?"  And since I hate liars and lying, I will have to tell the truth.  I don't want to embarass myself in front of the world, sooooo..........Here goes. 
MY WEIGHT LOSS GOAL:  take off 40 lbs.
TIME FRAME:  @ a minimum average of 2 lbs per week = 20 weeks.
PLAN OF ACTION:  start with 30 mins each time in the am and pm, working up to 1 hr. in am and pm.
FOOD PLAN:  More Veggies, and fruit, less fat (I am a butter hound),  less salt, less sugar (that hidden stuff in bought foods) less starch ( I am a homemade bread hound): 3 meals a day, starting with a proper breakfast (not just coffee and milk) fruit and or protein snacks between meals.
I' m already taking mineral and vitamin supplements  in the am and pm.
I actually started the eating plan by haveing an egg, fried in Pam sprayed pan, 1 slice of bread with a tsp of butter and a tbsp of ketchup and coffee with skim milk--frothed to thicken it, so the coffee looks like fancy dancey latte thingy.
Well, here goes. Now to do the exercise.  It's already noon here in the Great White North, so I sorta fell out of the am time frame, but, hey, I got up late, typed out my confession and plan, so that's my reason for starting late. 
Good Health, Good Times, Good Friends........My wish for me and all my family and friends.