Sunday, August 1, 2010

Canadian Bakin'

Hi there! The picture is a simulation of me being a Canadian, Bakin' on the Beach, during my vacation on beautiful Georgian Bay.  The vacay was courtesy of my youngest daughter and her hubby.  They have a grand cottage right on the beach.  I was able to take my 14 year old granddaughter with me and I hope she had fun.  It's hard to tell sometimes.  She is so polite and easygoing about things.
We took a couple of side trips while there.One was to the Mini Putt at Balm Beach and one to Sainte Marie Amongst the Hurons in Penetang.  Interestingly, among the tourists  at Sainte Marie there were some Russians and they were very interested in what their tour guide was telling them.  Looked like they were having fun. I recognized a few words like, Thank you and You're Welcome.
Well, back to the subject.....Beach Holiday...
The time went by so fast it seems like a dream.  Their two little ones are 7 and 5 and such going concerns!  This year, Jack (5) just couldn't stay out of the water.  He puts on his snorkle mask and down he goes!  His sister Abi is an avid swimmer/snorkler too.  They make a great pair on and off the beach.  They enjoyed going out in the kayak with Mom and Dad and I got to take a video of them.
I think my daughter got some pics of  the three girls (I include myself in the girls category) knitting on the beach.  Abi has been knitting for about a year and is very enthusistic about her creations.  Older GD has now learned to cast on and purl as well as knit.  She finished a lovely handbag while we were at the cottage. I'm so proud of them and happy to pass on some of my knitting skills.
Today is the first day back home and is does seem strange not having all of them around me.  I must visit more with all of my grands.  They grow up so fast!  Hard to beleive that the oldest in now 22! 
Well, the laundry is all caught up now and I'm ready for the week to come. 
Happy Sunny Days to All.