Monday, April 25, 2016

Here's A Simple Blanket Pattern

This is a simple pattern that I worked up. It's basically knit 4, purl 4, garter stitch at the bottom and top edges, garter stitch at both sides. You may share without charge, just give me an acknowledgement to make me happy!
 The Necessities are:
Yarn: 5 Skeins Bernat Blanket yarn in any colour you choose
 Needles: US 11/8mm Cabled set if you can, because the project gets heavy) For casting on I recommend using one size up needles US 17/12.75mm. This will help the edge to not pull in.  I also advise for casting off.  Again to prevent a 'pulling in ' of the edge.
Gauge: 8 stitches//13 rows = 4 ", so 2 sts, 4 rows  gives 1 inch of blanket.  Doing up a 4 inch swatch gives a better idea of  how the gauge will fit what your finished blanket will measure.
Please, please, I strongly advise you to  read the pattern all the way through as that will help you to have an easier time knitting this project.  Then, if you have any questions, post in the Comments and I will do my best to answer you.
 LOOSELY cast on *122sts   120 those stitches are knit as the pattern. The first and last stitches will be slipped and knit to make a firm edge.  You could cast on more (you will need more yarn for a larger blanket) or less, depending on how wide you want the blanket to be. Just have a number divisible by four.   The 122 sts will have the blanket be approximately 60 wide.
** My personal preference is always to cast on 2 extra stitches to this pattern, because I prefer to have a firm edge by slipping the first stitch, knit ways, of every row and knitting the last stitch of every row. There are other methods of getting a nice looking edge stitch. I suggest using Google to look up Edge Stitches.**
 Then you will begin the pattern.
After your Cast on row, and knitting the next four rows, the Basket Weave pattern begins.  DO NOT count the cast on row as the beginning of the pattern.
 Knit every row (Garter Stitch) for next 4 rows, remembering to always slip the first stitch knit ways and knit the last stitch of every row or do whatever edge stitch you prefer.  Side Edge I use   is worked as: Slip the first stitch knit ways, then Knit the next 4 and last 4 stitches of Every row plus that 1 extra stitch at the row end for the firm edge, until the Last 4 rows, where you then Knit all stitches (Garter Stitch) Remember the Slip 1st stitch knit ways that you have been doing all along  and Cast off Loosely, Knit ways on the 5th row using the larger size needle in your right hand. *(see HINT below) The Basket Weave effect is achieved in this manner:   Slip the 1st stitch knit wise, then after Knitting the first 4 stitches (Side Edge Stitches), knit 4 stitches and purl 4 stitches up to the last 5 stitches (that's the 4 plus 1 for the edge stitches). On the reverse side, after the edge stitches, purl 4, knit 4 for 10 rows. So you are purling the purl stitches and knitting the knit stitches.  The next 10 rows, you are reversing the knit and purl blocks, which  makes the Basket Weave pattern and the Blanket/Throw reversible.   Look at the picture above if that is not clear to you. So, you are knitting 4, purling 4 for 10 rows,then reversing the order of the groups of 4 for 10 rows, etc., until you reach the length you desire. **HINT: To have enough yarn for the the last 4 rows and the cast off row (5 rows total): After casting on the first row, Knit 2 rows, put a safety pin into the yarn and undo one row you just knit. (that other row of the 2 you just knit will count as row 1 of the bottom edge of the blanket) Measure the yarn from the safety pin to the beginning of the row still on the needle, multiply that by 5, then add another 12 inches to that number and you will know how much  yarn is needed to finish. I allowed an extra 12 inches in length because the cast off row should be loose, so that the edge does not ‘curl’. Write that measurement down, or, my preference,  pull off enough yarn from the last skein you will use. I tend to start a skein from the centre, so I measure off the amount from the outside of the skein and make a slip knot and put that safety pin in the loop so it won’t come undone. Then when you get a couple of feet close to that Marker/Safety Pin, you can decide whether you have enough yarn to complete the basket weave pattern, plus the four row garter stitch, knit every row, edge for the blanket.       Happy Knitting!

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Louise Dee said...

Awesome blanket, not just because my Mom made it but because it's feels nice to wrap up in and looks great on my couch:)