Saturday, April 30, 2016

One Shades of Gray

 So, in a previous post, I showed a 5 Cabled Cowl and posted the pattern. After finishing said Cowl, I remembered that I had knit a Hat/Toque and a pair of Leg Warmers to make a Set.  Just because I can, I named the set  One Shades of Gray.
Cowl: See below, the post called 5 Cabled Cowl, where the pattern is typed out.
 Leg Warmers/Boot Toppers :  These are a norrower and shorter version of the cowl.  Measure your calf or the boot legs you are making them for and you can figure out how many stittches to cast on.  The cables are 6 Knit stitches, the  Purl stitches are a 6 count.  So 4 cables, plus 3 purl borders equals 36  sttiches., plus the 2 stitches I prefer to Slip 1 and Knit last brings the count to 38. Knit a few rows of 38 stitches and if that seems too narrow add 12 more stitches to the count and try that width.  Decide how long you want them and knit to that length.
Hat/Toque:  Needles size 4mm  6US    size 5mm  8US Yarn:  Red Heart Softs Solids & Heather, Light Grey Heather Aran 10 ply.   or whatever colour turns your crank.  1 Skein, of which you will not likely use all the yarn.  Hence the Leg Warmers from the left over yarn, or another hat if you please.
Cast on 70sts. Now you will start the pattern. Slip the first stitch, Knit the last stitch on every row.  Knit a Rib stitch of knit 2, purl 2, for 10 rows, or, if you want a wider brim, to roll up, 20 rows.
The next row (this will be the Wrong Side) is an increase row in knit stitches.  Slip the 1st stitch. Make 1, Knit 2 Make 1, to the last stitch  K1.  (106 sts.)
Next row, (Right Side) Slip 1st st. Purl this row to the last stitch. K1.
Next Row:First row of pattern on Wrong Side This an increase row to bring you to 110 Sts. Slip 1st st. Purl 6; k5, Make 1; Purl 6;  K6; P6; K6; P6: K5; Make 1; P6; K6; P6; K5, make 1, P6; K6; P6; K5; Make 1; P6; K6; K1
Next Row. (right side)  S1, Purl 6; K6; P6; K6; P6; K6; P6; K6; P6; K6; P6; K6; P6; K6; P6; K6; P6; K6; Knit 1
As you may now see, you are knitting the knit stitches, and purling the purl stitches.
You will do this for the next 5 Rows.  So, you are now at the end of   Row 7.(wrong side)
Row 8:  (Right Side) Cable row:   Slip 1; Purl  6;  Place next 3 sts on a cable needle holder and hold in back of work; Knit 3, Knit 3 sts from holder; Purl 6; Repeat the place 3 on holder, hold in back K3, K3 from holder, Purl 6; to the last stitch which is knit.
You are now back to Knitting the knit sts and purling the purl sts. on the wrong side.
Row 1:Slip 1; Purl 6; K6; P6; K6; P6; K6; P6; K6; P6; K6; P6; K6; P6; K6; P6; K6; P6; K6; K1.
Row 2: Slip 1; K6; P6; K6; P6; K6; P6; K6; P6; K6; P6; K6; P6; K6; P6; K6; P6; K6; P6; K1
Row 3:  Repeat row 1
Row 4:  Repeat row 2
Row 5:  Repeat row 1
Row 6:  Repeat row 2
Row 7:  Repeat row 1
Row 8:  The cable row which you will repeat as above.
So, now you have 2 crossed cable patterns in your beautiful hat..
Now comes the decreases, which will be done on the purl sections of your beautiful hat.
Row 2:  On the right side only when you are at the purl section of the pattern. Purl 2, Purl 2 together, Purl 2.
Row 4: Right side: at the Purl section Purl 2, Purl 2 together, Purl 1.
Row 6: Right side: at the Purl section Purl 1, Purl 2 together. Purl 1.
Row 8: Do not do the cable cross. Knit 2 Knit 2 together Knit 2; At the Purl section Purl 1, Purl 2 together.
Next Row: Wrong side: Slip 1;  Knit all the stitches.
Next Row: Right side: Slip 1; Knit 2 together to the end of the row.
Next Row:Wrong side; Slip 1; Knit 2 together to the end of the row.
Keeping your stitches on the needle, measure off 16" of yarn from the needle and cut it.  Now thread a large-eyed yarn needle and run that yarn through the stitched on the needle stitch by stitch until all the stitches have yarn through them and they are off the needle.  Easy eh?  Now pull that yarn tight and begin to sew the side edges together from the wrong side. Make sure the sides are lining up by pinning them with straight pins that are suitable for knits.  I use my old plastic pins from the hair rollers that I used many, many moons ago.  When you have sewn the sides and knotted off you should make sure that there are no ends dangling by weaving them in with a small crochet hook or the sewing needle you used.
I hope the pattern is clear to you, if not...............Of course you can contact me.  Happy Knitting.


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