Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Say Hello to my Simon Cowl

How did I come to name this cowl, you may well ask. True story: After I finished it and tried it on, I said to myself "this is a cuddly, warm, Simon Cowl". Maybe I had a glass of wine, maybe not, before I named him, but he is warm, he is cuddly, and most important of all, he is Easy!

Now that you are all smiley and tsk, tsking, here is
 The Pattern.  My best advice is to read the pattern all the way through to make sure you understand it. Aso, you will understand that the edges of the work are done in Garter Stitch--that is knit every row.
 Necessary items:  Needles size U.S. 10 or 6mm.  I use cabled needles, because they don't (usually) drop off stitches when my back is turned.  You, if you can trust them, may use Straights.
Yarn:  2 skeins of acrylic Red Heart White or any Medium Weight yarn that is soft, and any colour you wish.  I prefer white.
How to: This is knit like a scarf, only not as long, and really, if you want to you could knit it into a scarf,(adding 6 - 8 rows of rib stitch at the beginning and end) which is longer than a cowl and you will need another skein.  You could still call it Simon, but it wouldn't be as cute!
So, cast on 48 sts.  This cast on row is NOT Row 1.  Odd Rows are the Right Side of work.  Even Rows are the Wrong Side of work.
This is a 10 Row Repeat Pattern.  Which you "Repeat" 12 times, or more if you need it to be longer.

Row 1: Right Side:  Slip 1st stitch knitways.  K 5;  P9;  K6;  P9;  K6; P9; K6
Row 2:  Wrong Side.  Slip 1st st. knitways.  k5;  K9;  P6;  K9; P6; K9; K6
Row 3:  Repeat Row 1
Row 4:   Repeat Row 2
Row 5:   Slip 1st St., K5;  P 6;  K3; P3; K3; P6; K3; P3; K3; P6; K6.
Row 6:   Slip 1st St., K5;  K6;  P3 ; K3; P3; K6; P3; K3; P3; K6; K6
Row 7:   Repeat Row 5
Row 8:   Repeat Row 6
Row 9:  Repeat Row 5
Row 10:Repeat Row 6
Now go back to Row 1.
As mentioned above, do these repeats for as many times as needed.
When you are at the last of the 10 row pattern, cast off loosely, and then join the two ends to form the cowl.
This pattern is free to share, just give little old me an acknowedgement.  Happy Knitting!

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