Friday, April 29, 2016

Oversized Shawl or Wrap

I knit two of these wraps, for two of my daughters for Christmas 2015.  The squares are joined as you knit, in strips of six.  For this wrap, I joined three strips of six to get the size shown.  The pattern looks complicated, but it really isn't. I did it in the recommended Light Gray Heather and Black , but you could make it in any two colours you wish. It is a free pattern from Red Heart Yarns.  The pattern is called :  Oversized Shawl, by Julie Hines.
You can download it at :

Just because I like to experiment with a pattern, I decided to double the cast on stitches and made a Shawl/Wrap, with only one wide strip, for myself.  The other alternative is to make more strips and perhaps add one or two more squares to make a blanket or throw.  I'm planning on starting a throw this summer, to knit at the cottage.  Also, you could use a cotton blend and fewer cast on stitches, one colour, and make up dishcloths, wash/spa cloths.  Use your imagination my friends!  The possiblities are endless.  Wraps, Shawls, Bedspreads, Throws, Coats, Wall Hangings, etc.  You KNOW you can do eeeet!

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