Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Twisted Sisters Cabled Set

 Hello, another Cable Pattern that I was inspired to call Twisted Sisters.  The name seemed to fit as there are two pieces  and if you choose, a third, which is a Headband/Earwarmer.  The Cowl/Scarf is the Big Sister and the Hat or Earwarner  are the Middle and Little Sister.
You nay know, or not, that I am on Ravelry where my name is LifeonMars.  I posted this  on Rav, but called it Baby It's Cold Outside, because I discovered that someone had already called their pattern Twisted Sisters, and not wanting to cause infringement, changed the name. I feel justified in keeping the original name here because this blog is mine and I can do that!
Soooo, now that you know the history, heeeeere's the pattern:

Necessities:  3 skeins of bulky yarn, colour of your choosing. ( I recommend NOT using very dark colours as, in my experience, they are hard on your eyes while knitting.)
Needles: Size 6mm /10 US or if you want a looser knit go up one size.  Doing a  6" swatch of stockinette will help you decide on needle size.  Alternatively, if you hate swatching and don't care, go with what you have.  A stitch holder is verrrry handy when knitting cables.  I have kntting safety-type pins that help keep those held stitches from running away. (the litte devils!)
Pattern: Please read allll the way through before you start as that will, hopefully, help you to understand what is required from your brain to your hands.  Also, if you want to knit a *scarf, repeat the 8 row pattern until the item is as long as you wish. Re knitting a scarf, you may want to start and end with a 8 rows of Ribbing, in any type of rib stitch you want.
Ready, Set,. Cast on 32 Stitches.  This does NOT count as Row 1. *scarf with ribs now begins and when that is finished you will start Row 1 of pattern.  Please Note: The 2 edges are composed of the first and last group of 7 stitches which are done in the manner of Slip the 1st, Knit 6 and Knit the last 7 stitches on EVERY  ROW.  Doing this gives the look of Ribbing and also slipping the first stitch and knitting the last stitch keep the edge firm.
Row 1:  (Wrong Side)  Slip 1st stitch; Knit 6; Purl 6; K6; P6; K7
Row 2:  (Right Side)  Slip 1st stitch; Knit 12; Purl 6: K13
Row 3:   Repeat Row 1
Row 4:   Repeat Row 2
Row 5:   Repeat Row 1
Row 6:   Repeat Row 2
Row 7:   Repeat Row 1
Row 8:   This is the Cable Row:  Slip 1; Knit 6;  First Cable: Place next Three stitches on your stitch holder and hold at back of work.  Knit the next Three stitches, then, placing the 3 held stitches back onto your left needle, knit these stitches onto your right needle.  Purl 6;  Second Cable: Place next Three sts. onto the stitch holder and hold at back of work.  Knit the next Three stitches, and then put the 3 stitches from the holder onto the left needle and knit them.  Knit 7.
These 8 rows are repeated as many times as needed to get the length you wish for a cowl, or scarf, casting off loosely kntwise. When you have cast off,  join the beginning and last rows together to form a circle that will fit over your head with a few extra inches for ease of fit.    
Ear Warmer/Headband:
Earwarmer/Headband is knit the same as the cowl, BUT leaving out the second cable stitches and there are fewer rows to fit the size head you are knitting for.
The headband is joined the same way as the cowl.

HAT:  This is knit the same way as the Earwarmer, but do not join the first and last rows yet.  To make the 'Top' of the hat, pick up and knit stitches from the right side of the long edge of your piece.  This part is done in stockinette stitch, so your next row is Purl stitches, next Knit one row, Purl one row until it's time to decrease.
Now, depending on how deep or large your Crown (and you are Royalty aren't you?) is keep knitting in that stockinette stitch, for a few inches, and then start decreasing stitches by knitting two together on the knit side only. Method Count how many stitches are on your needle.  Divide that number by Four. These will be the decrease points.  So if, for instance the division gives the number 25, you will knit 23 stitches and knit the next 2 together repeating to the end of the row. So, continuing in that manner, (purling the wrong side)  the next knit row will be,  Knit 22, Knit 2 together, to the end of the row.  Next knit row, decrease after stitch 21, and so on.  If this part is not getting narrow enough, by decreases to suit your head size, the easy thing to do is take a yarn needle and thread it through the live stitches and pull them together.  Tie that off and then sew the sides together to form your lovely hat.  You could add a Pom-pom to the top just for sh*ts and giggles! Happy Knitting!

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