Thursday, June 4, 2009


I am getting ready to have a tooth extracted! I loosened the posts on the filling in my #15 or premolar and since the tooth was practically all filling it makes no sense to try and rebuild it. I am saaaaad about that, but the alternative was to spend approx. $200 to fill it again and maybe it would happen again or spend $300 to have it extracted. Other choices: $4000 to put in a "tooth" $500 to put in a partial plate, or "false tooth". As I am nearly 70 and not going to model for a toothpaste ad in the near or distant future, I opted to get it PULLED! I am not afraid of dentists, as a matter of fact, I get so relaxed in the chair that the "spit vacuum" is going constantly when work is being done. Well it's probably going to hurt a little afterward, but as it's an upper tooth I have gravity on my side and it probably won't swell up too much.
So, my tongue is saying goodbye to the tooth and will have a 'sad' when it's gone.
Nearly time for me to go to the appointment, so an update later. Ciao people, Ciao toothie!


3:15pm Extraction done. I'm, so far, free of pain. The freezing is well out of my system and having taken 1 pain/swelling reliever I feel ok. I suppose time will tell whether the pain free me will last over the next few days. As far as the esthetics of my smile, even with the broadest of smile, there is no evidence of a missing tooth. Guess I can't plan on scaring any childrens this Hallowe'en!

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Blessings each day said...

Will say a prayer that all goes well, fast and with no complications.



p.s. please let us know how it was and I'm sure some "Bear" therapy will be in order!

blessings and hugs,