Tuesday, July 15, 2014


This could be a Zombie Blog, as it looked like it was "daid", but I decided to revive it.  So, what is new with me?  Well, I took up the Tai Chi and got medium-good at it. I was so happy with my progress after a year of learning the moves, that I decided to take up Tai Chi Sword Play.  It's a little, actually a lot, harder to perform the moves as I have a 3lb sword to wave about.  The sword looks real and it could do a little damage if a person wasn't careful.  I should be practicing both Tai Chi and Sword on a regular basis, but I have been a little lazy and otherwise occupied with family things.  Here's a pics of me holding "SwordElla"

So, that's my update on the Zombie Blog.  Cheers!

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