Friday, July 25, 2014


Doing a little Kid-Wrangling today.  Keeping an eye on four 10 year old girls and one (very patient) 10 year old boy.  Much splashing in the pool, lots of eeeeeeks! and laughter from all.  THIS is what summer should be.....laughing, splashing, chasing each other, getting the most out of the day.  I can watch from the shade of the deck and do my knitting, play on the laptop aaaaand get some fresh air.  Since my friends are now home, someone else is in charge of the dog walking, so, since I don't have to go outside...what do I choose, but to sit inside.  The Folly!!!!  I think that I will now spend as little time indoors as possible.  It's too easy to while away the day indoors, doing nothing really.  Of course if it gets too hot and sticky I am better off inside.  So, back to the kid-wrangling.  TTFN!

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