Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Hi out there!  Is it Christmas yet?  I celebrated an early Christmas in Guelph last Saturday with my kids and grandkids.  It was great!  The day started early and everything went as planned .... almost.  Sweet Lou had a pre-stuffed frozen turkey (about 15lbs.) and when she took it out of the freezer, she realized that the roasting pan she had was .....TOO SMALL!!!! eeeeek!  The problem got solved, but not without a bit of angst, and golly gee, what is a Christmas celebration without some Oh Noooo, AAAAAGH, this can't be happening ? Everyone arrived at the appointed time and we ate, drank, laughed, opened presents, had many laughs, hugs and kisses....Heaven on Earth to me! 
My dearest wish, as I have said before, is that everyone gets to have a Blessed, Safe, Happy Christmas, wherever you are.  As Tiny Tim said " God bless us, every one." 
Now I'm off to watch A Christmas Story. Hee heee...."You'll shoot your eye out".  It reminds me of my childhood and I always get a laugh out loud when the dog takes the turkey!


Linda Higgins said...

Gotta love that Christmas Story! Hi Mar, another fun post! Sounds like the party was a hit and you had a wonderful fun time. I bet it is cold where you are! Cold here to considering we are use to sunny skies most of the time and 40 and 50's! Yes it is below 30 and in the 30's during the day. Laugh if you must...I do! Have a wonderful, beautiful Christmas! hugs...linda

Teacher's Pet said...

Mar...what a great post. I can only imagine having the bird and then not being able to get it into the pan... well, I can't imagine it either...I would do like she did...aaaagh...and "Oh No"...but it sounds like everything turned out well in the end.
I'm glad you celebrated an early Christmas...and hope that you have a great remainder of the week.
Warm hugs to you from Jackie

Bernie said...

Hi Mar, a very Merry Christmas to you and yours and the very best in 2010....I am leaving tomorrow morning for my nephew's for 4 days but will be back 28th....see you then and enjoy the holidays...Hugs