Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Happy Canada Day to all! This our 142nd Birthday! This is a great country and we welcome you to celebrate with us. To all who have sacrificed to keep us safe and free, THANK YOU. We owe you a debt that can only be repaid by constant vigilance to keep our country free. That vigilance must be tempered by a sense of justice. To those in the world who use terror to subdue their people, shame on you. Whatever your beliefs, know that this world's possessions will turn to rust and when you meet your maker you will answer for your deeds.


Blessings each day said...

Happy birthday, dear Canada, happy birthday to you!!! Traveled through there many years ago from Alaska and it was so beautiful...also got tickled by the colored bills!

Did you see your award on my blog yesterday?



Bernie said...

I have followed Marcy over to say hello and I am so happy I did. You have a wonderful blog and I hope you don't mind if I follow you.
I too live in Canada, (Alberta) but my home is NB which is where I am going in two weeks, yea!!
I agree with everything you said about terror, just a horrible thing that people would rather hate and kill than love....
Have a wonderful day....:-) Hugs

Wanda said...

It's me again it's your country's birthday...even more reason to smile...I see Marcie and Bernie beat me here today...they are reasons to smile too.
Smile and take care!

Eileen said...

Hello, I found your blog through Marcy's.
Hope you enjoyed Canada's special day! And I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments!
Very nice blog you have here.
Sorry you've had some recent trouble though.
And I agree with you about how it's hard to give up control of your own comings and goings sometimes, but if we all keep in mind that He is in control of it all, I think that helps a little. And I think you have a wonderful, positive attitude!
I'll be reading!
All the best,