Friday, July 3, 2009

I Love My Garden.. buuut..

First, you should know, this isn't what my garden looks like. It's what I WISH it looked like, it's what I WANT my garden to look like, buuuttt, right now I'm still playing catchup with the weeds that want to overtake my garden. It's either been too hot, too rainy or perhaps the 'Lazy Bug' bit me, but I am nowhere near getting the garden where I would like it to be. Well, you say to yourself "if she wants to get the garden in shape, why is she posting here instead of being outside?" Answer: I'm taking a lunch break and then it's back outside. I'm just being a wuss and complaining (a little). I really do enjoy getting out there and riiiippping out those nasty weeds and I like the clean look it gives to the yard. I will be getting some help next week in the form of the 16 year old son of a friend who wants to earn $$$$ to help him go with his class, next year, to visit France and WW I and II historic sites. So, enough complaining, go out now silly girl and do the work. (Tell yerself it's FUUUNNNN!) LOL


Blessings each day said...

Well, Marlene, is it okay if I borrow your lines to talk to myself too, even if it's not lunch break time?

Of course the heat gets to me (in the nineties now!)so I do have that excuse and evening is ideal!

Tomorrow is our countries' freedom 'birthday'....oh dear, do I need to get a cake?

blessings and hugs,


Wanda said...

You sound like me...I weed a little here then a little there early in the morning and never after 10:30...It gets done eventually...I tell myself it's "healthy exercise"...that helps a little...weeds are always worse in late spring...come summer the dryness sometimes gets the weeds...but the flowers too...then you have the job of watering.....weeding and watering!

Bernie said...

Hi Marlene, here in Alberta it hasn't been hot enough or wet enough for anything to grow including the weeds.....they are calling for rain tonight and all weekend....the farmers really need it.......Have a great weekend.
.......:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Oh Marlene you described exactly what I've been feeling with my yard work.I think that this is just one of those years that I'm not that into it. Last year I went crazy, this year not so much!
Thank you for making me not feel so alone in this!