Sunday, January 18, 2009

By The Fireside

Yeah! That's the thing to do on a day like this! Sit by the fire and knit. It is SNOWING!!!! I wanted to go to Uxbridge today, but the snow is too deep and driving is the pits of Hell! So I stayed inside and watched TV, checked out the Ravelry site, and knitted! Oh, and drank coffee, ate homemade (by me) bread and spaghetti sauce. for lunch and was that good! I'm trying out a pattern from Ashford's magazine...Wheel... called Diagonal Jacket. It starts out with 3 stitches, all knit rows, and increases at the beginning of each row. The back is made in 2 peices as is the front. Sometime soon I'll upload pics of all my finished pieces and I hope this one will be there.

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