Monday, January 26, 2009

Clean Slate

The theme this week is Getting Clean. I spent the weekend helping a friend clean her deceased father's house. He was a heavy smoker and a widower (10 years). Cleaning someone else's house was a wake-up call for me to go through my own house to purge and clean. I do enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done and knowing that the world is a healthier place due to my efforts. Cleaning your home extends to one's mind and body as well. We are all basically lazy and want someone else to do the hard work....however, doing the job yourself brings a feeling of completeness and that is a part of the cleaning process too. So, I must apply myself and get busy doing it and not just thinking about it. There are soooo many areas to do, but I'm picking one each day....big or complete. Yay Me!

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