Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History Lesson

An historic day for the people of the United States. President Barak Obama delivered his inaugurational address, and it was uplifting. He has a heavy load and I hope he will carry it and execute it well.

I can relate knitting a garment to the duties of his office:

Choose a pattern carefully to make sure it will fit well; choose the best tools you will need to make it fit properly; check your pattern constantly to make sure you catch mistakes before you get too far along and correct them even when it means going back and it's painful ; when all the pieces are finished put it together with care in the best way possible, making sure it will withstand the wear and tear of using it; when it is complete wear it with pride; take good care of the garment as you put so much of yourself into it as it is a reflection of you and your values.

I want to live my life this way and even though I sometimes let myself down, I believe I do try to do that to make up for the occasional failures.

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