Sunday, November 23, 2008

LOL - aka Lady of Leisure

I am a Lady of Leisure today. Just gonna sit an' knit. Have a pillow cover to finish for the little Jacky Boy(youngst grandboy) before Dec. 13th.
I have cleaned 4 houses, including my own, this week. Not really hard work, as I love the finished job...everything in it's place and looking serene. Am I a 'clean freak'? No, definately not, I just get off on the order and peacefullness of the whole thing. Okay, slightly freak-ish, but I believe that if your surroundings are neat and peacefull, your mind and body will follow. I do make quite a untidy area around where I am knitting, and crafting, but when I'm finished it's all cleaned up ready for the next mess.
Also, roasted a chicken, slow-cooked a beef roast, made chili con carne, processed other meats...all last evening so I am set for a while with ready-to- eat meals in the freezer and 'fridge. Would I say that I have earned a LOL day? Betcha boobs!

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