Wednesday, October 22, 2008


WhoooHooo! The weather outside is deeelightful today. Got to get out there and breathe in that sunshine. First I must clean up my kitchen, bedroom, etc.
I am admiring the new seats on my kitchen chairs...did them myself and they look quite good if I do say so mahseluf! Got out my staple gun, my set of screwdrivers, scissors and went to town! It didn't take too long, about 1 1/2 hours, including clean-up. The first chair was the longest as I hadn't done this kind of thing before, and the 2nd chair was a breeze. Gee, I might do this again on other chairs!
On a down note...I completely ripped out the latest beret, it was ripped back somewhat twice, completed and it still didn't look right. So, I performed euthanasia on the poor thing. It would have lain in the drawer pining to be worn and that wasn't going to happen. Kindest thing? Undo it and do something else. The yarn will re-incarnate as a better item of knitting. Peace to you poor undone will come back as a better knitthing...Promise!

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