Friday, October 31, 2008


I've been away from the computer and not posting because I went to visit with my Mom in Toronto. She's 92. Her health is not good and she's getting more frail. My brother takes care of her at home, but he's getting overwhelmed with the responsiblity. So we arranged to have home help and ultimately she will go into full time care at a senior's facility. This a hard reality to face up to and none of her children (she has 6) really want to stress her with the fact that she is going to go to somewhere that is not the home she has lived in since 1940. Anyone who has had to go through with the placing of a loved one in care knows how hard it is. I keep telling myself that my feelings don't really's Mom's safety and health that takes top place in my heart. She won't like it, I'm sure, but she will get accustomed to being in a nice place where there is always someone to talk to....she has a lot of stories.....and we will visit with her a lot. Every day she will have someone visit her. I hope she doesn't give up when we have to take her there.

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