Saturday, September 11, 2010

Till We Meet Again

My Mom passed away on September 4, 2010 in her 94th year.  It was peaceful, with family beside her, holding her hand and talking to her.  At her funeral service, after the scripture readings, euglogy and a few words on her sense of humour from her youngest son, one of her grandchildren sang a few choruses of the song she liked to sing to her grandchildren, "Hey Good Lookin' ".  We could picture her singing and dancing along.  She loved a good joke, a good song and dancing.  We will miss her.  If you know the song, sing a little of it and you'll smile like her family did.


Bernie said...

So sorry for your loss, so happy you have had so many years filled with many memories.....:-)Hugs

Bridget said...

So much love.

I will sing a chorus or two.

Diana said...

I'm so sorry for your loss Marlene. Your mom sounded like a wonderful person. I know that her memories will carry you far.
Love Di ♥

Teacher's Pet said...

Marlene....I looked back to a July post of 2009....and other posts about your Mom. Such a sweetheart....and I send heartfelt hugs and love to you upon reading of her passing on September 4. I realize that words from me will not bring you the comfort you need right now. Only our Lord can do that. Know that I am thinking of you....and that I smile at the lovely funeral service for her. I know she will be missed...and that she leaves behind the fondest of memories.
Love and hugs to you from Jackie

Eileen said...

So sorry to hear of your loss.
Many of my friends have lost their mothers this past year, I lost my Mom four years ago, and no matter if our relationship with our mother was one of the best in our lives or one of the worst, I've noticed that her loss from our lives leaves a devastating void.
I will say a prayer.