Thursday, November 26, 2009

More Good News


My Mom has been admitted to a very good and secure Retirement Home.  It is close to my brother and sister (who are living in the home they shared with her), so they can visit Mom and help with the transition.  Mom has been in hospital, due to a hip fracture and at her age (93), and her condition of osteoarthrites and osteoporosis, there was no therapy that could bring about alleiviation of anything but the pain she experiences.  Now when she has visitors they can enjoy her company in an area where it's comfortable to visit.  Mom may take some time to realize that this is now her home.  I hope she will see how much better her life will be with people who are capable to take care of her specials needs, stimulate her mind, get her out in the fresh air.  She will also have people of her era to talk and remenisce with.  I'm going to see her as soon as possible.  This has taken soooo long to come around,  She should have been in special care four years ago, but circumstances worked against that.  So, thank God that everything finally came together for her good.


Bernie said...

Sending prayers for your mother to adjust to her new home and that not only her but you and your siblings find comfort knowing she is well taken care of....:-) Hugs

Eileen said...

I'm glad you can breathe a sigh of relief, I remember well that uncertain feeling with both my Mom and my Dad when they were failing the last few years of their lives.
It's nice if you can feel that they are being well taken care of.
I hope your Mom is happy and feels settled after a time of adjustment.
All the best,

Diana said...

Everything always seems to work out in the end. I am happy that you found a nice home for your mom to enjoy. Love Di