Saturday, November 28, 2009

Domestic Queen

Je suis tres domestique!  (pardon my cereal box French) In other words I'm working the Domestic Queen thing today.  I have made bread, put beef stew in the crockpot, and cleaned, at least some. of the house.
Also, some Christmas decorations have found their way to their appropriate places.  Next, to sort out the gift stash I have in the linen closet.  I buy things all year with a person in mind.  Sometimes, though, I forget what is in the stash.
 For several years, my youngest daughter has had Christmas at her home for the family early in December, that way everyone gets have two Christmas Days.  This year it's in Guelph at #2 daughter's new home,on the 19th. So, I must have everything wrapped and ready to take there. First Christmas in her house and we're all  looking forward to it!


Diana said...

I want a new crock pot for Christmas, you know , one of those big seven quart ones. Do you have one of those stashed away?
I'll bet your daughter is excited about having Christmas in her house this year. I hope it all goes well for her! Love Di

Eileen said...

Good for you!
It feels nice to get some things accomplished, and to have some 'goodies' brewing and baking!

I hope you get everything done early and have time to enjoy!
All the best,

Teacher's Pet said...

Mar..If you send Di a big 7 quart crock pot for Christmas, I think she said something about inviting us all over for, I'm pulling for you, my friend.
(I'm sorry I haven't been here sooner....I'm trying to catch up after Thanksgiving....) I'm eating too much pie...and cake...and divinity...(did I mention that I love divinity.) I hope that you have a fabulous Christmas at your daughter's new home. Sounds fun!!
Smiles from Jackie
P.S. You're not going to believe the word verification (I must tell Di. It's 'potock'...almost like pot luck...) OK Di. We're coming over!!

Linda Higgins said...

I love Christmas. MY favorite time of the year. There is always so much excitement, especially for the children! well...this kid anyway! We are also traveling...that's what happens when your children start their own traditions and I love being part of it!