Saturday, August 29, 2009


Some pictures of my family at the Beach. I had a great time. Lots of sun, sand, good eats and even a little wine. The little gazebo you see beside two of my girls (daughter and daughter-in-law) was my station when I sat on the beach. I'm not one to sit and bake in the sun, although I enjoy the ambience of it all. By the way, those two girls are always making me laugh at their antics. Some of the things they've got up to since they met, you wouldn't believe!

It's taken me a few weeks to get back into the ol' routine. It's been a busy time and although I wanted to start posting, my brain wasn't co-operating. I'm still processing some of the events concerning two of my friends.
My 'adopted' family is still going through some difficult times, but Mom is back home and we all want her to get better. I was there at their home again, helping to take care of the children and the house this past week. My dearest wish is that soon the family will be whole and they won't need me as much. I will still be involved, as a surrogate G'ma, and that will be fine for me.

The friend that got ill while we were in Virginia is now back home and has 9 hours a day of home care set up, courtesy of our mutual friend. Mutual friend has worked very hard and taken time away from her family and other obligations to help her, as have I. I'm in a dilemma with the friend who is ill, because of her attitude and actions regarding her recuperation. It's been almost 4 months and I am, truthfully, drained by the demands she puts on our friendship. I've pulled away a bit so that I can get some perspective on the situation. I'm sure it will get resolved with time, patience and prayer.
Bye for now, keep well. <3


Diana said...

Hi Marlene,
The beach you were at was beautiful, very nice! I would have been under the gazebo as well! I'm sorry about the difficulties that you are experiencing. But in sounds like you have the right attitude. And of coarse prayer always helps. I hope things start looking up with both situations.
Love Di

Eileen said...

You look like you had a wonderful time! That's great!
And I'm the same as you, I love going to the beach a lot, but I need cover! I too have a little cabana that I can go to for protection!

I'm sorry about the demands your friend is making, sometimes there are friendships that just need so much tending that it does get to be draining. Her heart and soul must be in so much pain to shut out the good that others do for her. Sometimes our hearts turn a blind eye to love. I'll keep her and you in my prayers.
Take care.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

I've missed you....and I'm glad that you were able to get in some rest and relaxation. I love the photos at the beach! I pray for resolution regarding the strain on your friendship....stepping back is a good you time to think. Blessings on you for all you do. Hugs to you from Jackie

Ann of Green Cables said...

Thanks so much for everyone's words of encouragement. I really appreciate it.

Bernie said...

Hi Marlene, looks like a fun time at the beach...happy that you had that time for your family.
I am sorry that your friend has become so demanding, she may be in a lot of pain and anxiety that she doesn't realize how unfair she is being right now....I will pray for both of you......:-) Hugs

Blessings each day said...

Sometimes it helps both parties if you pull away for a bit and re-assess what the giving should be all about and if it is helping your friend or enabling her to not go forward. My friend's elderly mother was not even walking before she came to live with her, but through 'tough' love she is doing so good! On the other hand people also need a loving ear.

Your pictures are great and with my white skin I am always hiding from the sun and your gazebo looks perfect!

blessings and hugs,


Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

I'm glad you got away to the beach for awhile. Sounds like a little getaway is what you needed! Remember your words of a previous post--"Place a great value on your health, physical and MENTAL. Do everything you need to do to keep healthy. Good health is priceless. It's a gift you give to yourself and those who love you." That ought to be tattooed on the inside of our eyelids!