Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Okay....here's some advice and perhaps a little snigger at my expense:
DO NOT TOUCH ANY BODY PART AFTER SLICING JALAPENO PEPPERS!!!!! My first attempt at using (to me) an exotic food in my cooking, has brought me to TEARS!!!! I thought that I would use my Food Dehydrator to dry a Jalapeno Pepper so that I could use bits of it in my future cooking endeavours.
Well, washed it, wiped it, sliced it and put it in the dehydrator. Now here's the OUCH factor....I thought that rinsing my hands would get rid of any volatile oils from the little Devil Pepper.....NOOOO! My nose was itchy and I scratched just under my right nostril.....WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!!!! My upper lip and just inside my nostril started to BURN LIKE FIRE!!! OMG....I thought, oh, just put a little wet cloth on the area....all that did was spread it around. The more I messed with it...like blowing my nose, which now had some of the fire inside, the worse it got. Holy burned septum Batman....that was awful. I remembered, after 10 minutes of hellfire, that I had some ointment that stops itching and burning (not the bum kind) and put a little of that on the areas. After a couple of minutes the burning sensation got less and now of course, my nose is dripping like a tap and I'm afraid of blowing in case I spread the joy.
Well, I did survive and have learned a painful lesson.....USE RUBBER GLOVES WHEN CUTTING UP JALAPENO PEPPERS and wash, wash, wash, even them AND don't touch yerself anywhere!
Time for some caffeine and knitting. My brush with fire has ended.

Oh and a little PS...My fingers around the top knuckles are still hurting like I burned them. GAAAAH!!