Monday, February 16, 2009


Today is Family Day in Ontario. I don't understand why we have to set aside a day to remember our families. Maybe, there are families who don't value one another, and they need a 'smack upside the head' to get their attention.
In the US it's Presidents Day, so why can't we have a similar, Prime Ministers Day?. Our country's population on the whole doesn't have a clue who our previous Prime Ministers were and probably don't know the name of the current Prime Minister. It's Harper, by the way. I think PM Day (not PMS Day!) would be more appropriate to instill some pride in our country. Yay Canada! Land of Indifference, Take our Country for Granted, Let Someone Else Take Care of It, Hosers!

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island sweet said...

wonderful blog! just love your images. i'll be back in toronto for the christmas one of a kind show next nov. come and say hello!