Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm back....again!  I couldn't access this blog for a while because I couldn't remember the darn password.  Finally remembered, after many tries and here I am.
The weather here has been excellent.  Got a lot of plants in last weekend.  My friend Sher and I dug and planted and pretty much played in the dirt.  The deck and front yard look soooo pretty.  I should take pics and share them.
On to why I put up a pic of Ros knitting.  Zellers is closing some of their stores and I couldn't resist checking out their yarn bins.  Scored some yarn that I can knit or crochet into lots of hats, scarves, mitts for the kiddos and if they get lost it won't be a big deal.
So the yarn stash is getting bigger and that is okay, as it's non edible and that means I won't be getting bigger!  With summer around the corner,  I can't hide any extra weight under my coat.  So, my friends that's all for today.  Take good care of yourselves, have a laugh or two and keep hydrated in this warm weather.


Diana said...

Hi Mar!
So good to see you here and to hear all is well. You know I just love playing in the dirt! I'm planning on doing that this weekend if it's not too hot out.
A bigger yarn stash? How cool is that?!
Write your password down somewhere. I have all of mine in a little book. If not, I'd forget them all, LOL!!
Love Di ♥

Jackie said...

A girl after my own heart: I love digging in the yard (garden)...and love crocheting (and especially buying yarn that I'll probably NEVER use!) :)))
I smiled when I read about the forgotten password. Sigh. So familiar. So very familiar to me.
I have to write mine down...and then have to remember where I put them!
Smiles to you, my friend.