Saturday, July 10, 2010


Yesterday it felt like we were under this waterfall, it rained so hard.  Today it's beautiful, bright and fresh  outside.  Sooo, that means I have no excuse not to trim the hedge, weed the gardens, have a "cool one",  Not necessarily in that order! LOL  Or I'll just head over to the Metro (formerly A & P) and stock up on some good healthy food.  I have two receipes from Weight Watchers that I want to try.  Plus,  my Mother Hubbard Cupboard is Bare and the Metro is air conditioned for my shopping comfort.
Have fun while the sun shines folks!
UPDATE:  While I was at the Metro I checked my Lotto Max ticket from 2 weeks ago (I hang onto them past the draw time, just so I can dream a bit longer) aaaaand....the bells went off!  So, don't get too excited....I won only a free ticket without Encore.  I took the free ticket, and sucker that I am, paid a $1.00 for the Encore.  Ah, what would I do with a few million bucks?  Probably spend it foolishly!  Life's too short to always be sensible!


Bernie said...

Good Luck in the draw.....and it has cooled off here this evening.
I do love the sun though....:-)Hugs

Diana said...

Oh I agree Mar! Sensible, smenchible! You are so lucky to be blessed with a good rain. We've had nothing but sprinkles! I have gardened so much that I am sore all over!
Love your new background!
Love Di ♥