Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Doing It!

Doing the exercise, making and freezing dinner sized meals, so no excuse for not having healthy meals ready to defrost and eat.  I've also been going through the 'Scareyware' cupboard and surprise, surprise, I don't need everything I have.  Sis will get all the extra containers. The scarewarecupboard is tidy and I can actually find what I need to use without the trauma of looking for the right lid, the right container.  I also found some small appliances that I don't need so Sis gets those too.  The craft room is coming together.  Gah! what a lot of of yarn stash and almost finished projects.  I've finished three of the UFOs (unfinished objects) and will continue until all are done before I start anything new.
My house and my body are getting cleaned.  The exercise of cleaning and sorting will use up calories and I will feel better.  Win, win!


Bernie said...

Sounds great Mar, love your resolve to take control of your life and home......and how fortunate is your sister, she will love you for sharing.....:-) Hugs

Eileen said...

Keep up the good work!

Must give you a wonderful feeling of satisfaction!
All the best,

Teacher's Pet said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading about it. I'm the world's worst when it comes to organizing, etc. Once I get started, I get it finished...and it looks good...but that initial "push" to get Jackie into the 'go' mode....well, that's another story.
Good for you, Mar!! I'm proud of you!

Mar said...

Thanks Bernie and Eileen. I've finally got the Furnace/Storage room cleaned today. It's a clean dry area and I had some material stored there (some of it is ancient, like from the 80's) which is now sorted and in 3 boxes ready for Sis to take and use. I can actually see the floor in the room and the workbench is usable.

Mar said...

Hi Jackie; I got your comment after I posted my own. Thanks for the support. My incentive to get going is to set the timer for 1 hour and see how much I can get done. It usually gives me the push to finish the job.

Linda Higgins said...

heheheLOL I did the same thing last week, I went through a stash of yarn and it was like going into a candy store, I was so excited! I too found some unfinished projects...but I decided to NOT finish them...just more yarn for my new projects HATS!!!!