Saturday, September 26, 2009

Here's a Low-cal Sweet Treat

Hi: Here's a sweet picture for y'all to smile at.
I'm not up to much today, but thought I'd let my 'Village' friends know that I'm alive and kicking (not high kicks so much as kick the can type ).
I've been away from home and staying over at my Heartfamily's home while dad was away in Vancouver on business- to do with the Olympics coming next year.  Things are still a little sketchy for mom, but the children are okay.  I'll be back to their home during the day again next week.  This may go on for another couple of weeks, until mom gets more confidence in herself and her abilities to be the mom she wants to be.
My mom is still in hospital in Toronto, awaiting a place in a full care facility.  I haven't been able to visit her this last week due to the above commitment.  I'm planning to visit her this coming weekend.  Sadly, she will be having her 93rd birthday in hospital.  Not ideal, but she is getting the care she needs and we could not provide while she was at home.  My sister, brother and I will make the birthday celebration the we can  for her.  I bought one of those musical birthday cards that can also hold a personal message, so that could give her a smile, I hope.   As for a cake, I will  get some really pretty cupcakes at the bakery which would be easier to take into the hospital and to distribute to the Birthday Merry Makers.  Sis has a birthday two days before Mom, so we'll  sing Happy Birthday to her too.
So, that's all the news that's fit to print from up here in The Great White North. Hope everyone has a great week.  Muuuwaaaaah!  (that's a great big Dinah Shore goodbye kiss!)


Eileen said...

Cute picture!

So nice of you to still be so available for family in need.
So sorry about your Mom, hope she gets into a place that she'll feel comfortable with, and that you can feel at ease with the care she'll be getting.

Hope she enjoys as Happy a Birthday as she can!
'Hope everything works out for all concerned.
Best Regards to your sister too on her special day!
Take care.
All the best,

Bernie said...

Know wonder you aren't kicking too high, you never stop.
Good Luck to your mum, it will an adjustment for all of you. I am wishing her and your sister a Happy Birthday, hope the get together creates a lovely memory for all of you.
Am praying for your heart family, and hope the mom is feeling well soon......:-) Hugs

Teacher's Pet said...

I've missed you....but I understand that you are caring for your Heart family and your family...and for you. You are a sweetheart....
Happy Birthday to your Mom....give her a hug from Jackie, please. I would love to give her one in person....but if you would give her one from me, that would make me smile.

Diana said...

It's sounds like you have gotten everything handled just fine! I am glad that you are getting a little time to yourself! It is very important! Love Di

Blessings each day said...

You always find such cute little pictures, Mar. Please give your mom a happy birthday hug from me. Please make sure you don't overwork yourself with all you do!

blessings and hugs,