Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So March is here and with it the tantalizing smell of Spring! The snow is melting reluctantly, inch by inch, showing me how much work I will have to do in the gardens! I actually enjoy working in the gardens and this year I will have to do some pruning with vigor and ruthlessness. The Spirea bushes are getting out of control. Also the Lilac tree/bush needs some attention. I want to plant more vegetables and upgrade the hill garden. Oh, planing the gardens is soooo much fun!
Next will be the repainting of the front and back porches. I may have to get help to do that, but it's worth the $$$ 'cause I love to sit on the front porch especially and watch the kids in the neighbourhood learn to ride their bikes and skateboards. The little guy next door will be 1 year old soon, and he will be outside playing and that will be fun to watch. Oooh, I love kids and babies don't I?
Now, I must get busy and finish the indoor jobs so I can be doing the outdoor jobs when it's time.

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